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The new Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max

Ford has had a winner on their hands for a while now with the Ford Fiesta, the new generation of Fiesta especially turned out to be a very successful model all across the globe and has shown the industry on the whole that small cars are pretty much the future of the automotive industry.

This is the general atmosphere that the Ford B-Max was announced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, with a concept model being available to study and since then more photos have been showing up online.

The model is based around the older Fiesta framework however it is both longer and taller than the five-door Fiesta, by 110 mm. However the design of both the interior as well as the exterior is meant to fit in with much larger models and to appeal to those types of drivers as well.

The main feature that sets the Ford B-Max apart from the company’s older models is the lack of a central pillar, which has lead to the design of the car being one with sliding doors. And the sliding doors offer a unique selling point especially to those potential customers who have children because of the increased access to the rear.

The design of the initial model has been modified, Ford designers considering that it did not have enough sculpture in the rear doors and that the entire look wasn’t as crisp as they wanted it to be, the new version will be shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The basic model will come equipped with a turbocharged three-cylinder Ecoboost 1.0-litre gasoline engine, but it will be offered with more conventional gasoline and diesel engines as seen in the Fiesta range. For instance a gasoline test version of the car has been seen doing tests in the United States.

The model is aimed mainly at European markets – as evidenced by the fact that it is being produced at Ford’s Craiova plant in Romania – however it won’t be exclusive to Europe, it is expected to be sold in Far Eastern and South American markets as well, pricing is yet to be announced.


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