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The new Renault Clio

The new Renault Clio

The new Renault Clio

Renault have unveiled the latest generation of their Clio subcompact range, even though some knowledge about its shape was known considering that some spy photos were published in May, but that doesn’t take anything away from the sleek and attractive design. The fuel-efficient engines and innovative technologies which are featured by the new vehicles are meant to make the range more affordable.

Design-wise, while the new Renault Clio will be a five-door car, the rear door handles are hidden, in Alfa Romeo fashion, so as to create the impression of a three-door – the lead designer for this model was the former Mazda designer Laurens van den Acker.

Other changes have the new Clio featuring a lower roofline, a wider girth and less weight, by about 100kg.

The front-end is designed so that the badge surround merges into the angled headlight – similar to the 2012 Renault DeZir concept – and a larger lower airtake will help to feed air into whichever engine will be powering the new model.

This will be the first Renaul model to feature a new 90-hp, three-cylinder, 900cc turbocharged gasoline engine, designed to deliver the performance of a normally aspirated 1.4-liter engine, which is coupled with a stop-start system.

The least powerful engine that the new Clio will sport will be the 90-hp 1.5-liter diesel option.

Other technologies that will be included in the new range include the company’s R-Link integrated Internet-connected touchscreen tablet, keyless entry as well as a reversing camera.

It is thought that a new RenaultSport Clio hot-hatch will also be part of the new model range, details remain to be seen.

Renault were supposed to unveil their new Clio in Geneva this month at a major press event, however said event was canceled as part of all-around cost-cutting measures as a result of the current struggles of the European car market.

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