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The new Toyota Corolla features for the Japanese market

Toyota Corolla

Toyota have announced the features that the freshly redesigned 11th-generation of the Corolla will come with, in their bid to offer their compact a more upscale feel for their Japanese market.

The Japanese version of the Corolla comes with standard or optional climate-controlled seats, automatic high-beam headlamp dimmers as well as safety belts with pre-tensioners and interior lights that turn off automatically. It is yet unknown whether or not these features will be available for the redesigned U.S. version which should appear in the next couple of years.

It should be noted that the chief engineer of the Japanese Corolla has stated that the company wishes for as many common parts as possible to be part of all the Corolla variants worldwide. However, the Corolla meant for the Japanese market is quite different than the one meant for the U.S. one, the models even have different chief engineers.

Toyota have plans to announce the rollout timing for the overseas version at the start of 2013.

The basic differences between the Japanese version and the American one are rather important when you think about it. The Japanese version will top out with a 1.5-liter engine, while the American version is expected to hike that number to 1.8-liters. The version meant for the American market will also be a bit wider, longer and taller than the Japanese one.

It is expected that the interiors of the two versions to be similar, however the exterior look of the front fascia and grille, will most likely differ.

The chief engineer for the Japanese Corolla, Hiroya Fujita did not say which of the features will be carried over to the U.S. Corolla, seeing as how he is not responsible for the international version, he did mention however that because of the tougher global competition in the small-car market, Toyota is raising its game.

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  1. It has been said that Japan based Toyota Motors is planning to sell nearly 3000 Corolla Axios, and 4000 Corolla Fielders per month in the Japanese market.

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