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The rise of personal armored vehicles

Armored vehicles used to be the stuff of elected officials, bank transports, and possibly extraordinarily wealthy moguls and oil princes, or mob bosses. However with the increasing trend of global instability, many high-profile individuals are looking to turn their cars into something akin to rolling fortresses, capable of resisting armed assaults.

Professional armoring services have increased in number because business is quite on the rise, because there actually is a civilian armored-vehicle market.

Companies that used to only work with security companies and military contracts have been able to expand into and basically create this market thanks to the development of lightweight, flexible and bullet-resistant materials.

These new technologies and materials means that conventionally designed vehicles can be refitted to become bullet-resistant – they’re not bullet-proof mind you, but bullet-resistant is pretty good if you’re that wealthy or that paranoid.

As it happens with many other industries, once the demand is growing, the technology will start developing, as such this spurred on the creation of new bullet-resistant materials, lighter than the more traditional armoring materials.

Bullet-resistant steel plate armor weight at about thirteen pounds per square foot, and right from the get-go these new flexible materials offered the same degree of protection with far less weight. In fact it is considered that the latest generation of these materials can get to something like 4 pounds per square foot.

But who are these individuals who feel that they need to armor their vehicles?

Well there’s no one single pool of individuals who opt for this type of investment, about twenty percent of individuals are acting in order to mitigate a very real and known threat, or they have been targeted in the past, while about half the individuals just want to secure themselves against random acts of armed violence.

The remaining percentage is made up of high-profile individuals who are a bit more used to an increased level of security, major industry moguls, celebrities and the like.

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