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The second-generation Volkswagen Santana

It’s pretty sure that most of you have not heard of a the Volkswagen Santana, an almost thirty-year old model from the German automaker, who is seeing it’s second generation being released this year.

You may not have heard of the Volkswagen Santana because this model was the first utilitarian sedan that went into production in China, the first mass produced modern passenger car built there, and in the almost three decades that have passed since it became one of the best-selling nameplates in that country’s history.

The first model Santana has of course seen a number of updates throughout its lifetime but it always kept the original B2 platform, which can be traced back to the Audi 80 from 1979.

As one should’ve expected the new Volkswagen Santana takes quite a few leaps forward, replacing its now-ancient architecture with a stretched version of the PQ25 platform – the same platform that can be found in current-generation models of the Audi A1, Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo.

China has very high demands for its interior space so as to comply with that particularity in demand, the new Santana offers considerably more rear-seat legroom and a larger 480-litre boot.

The exterior look has a definite more modern look, taking basic cues from the German manufacturer’s global line-up, while the cabin uses familiar Volkswagen parts combine to create a conservative yet upmarket appeal.

As expected, the levels of comfort and safety have also made it to the 21st century, the new model featuring air conditioning or climate control, leather upholstery, electric sunroof, alloy wheels, parking sensors, and electronic stability control and ABS.

The new Santana will come with two newly developed naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engines, which will feature a reduction in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of up to twenty-eight percent when compared with the old model.

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