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The Silver Ghost might be headed to the silver screen

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

The Rolls Royce car company is slated to be the subject of a future Hollywood movie, a movie that would be entitled Silver Ghost, after the company’s landmark car from the turn of the last century.

While biopics about cars, or car manufacturers aren’t that wide-spread, this particular project has some serious traction thanks to legends such as Martin Scorsese, Richard Attenborough and Anthony Haas taking on the role of producers.

Scorsese appears to be the main driving force behind the project, recently saying that after reading the story of the Silver Ghost he thought that it would make a great film that just had to be made. And truly, who better to take on such a period piece than Scorsese, even if he is not directing.

The movie will revolve around the story of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce and their first meeting at the Midland Hotel and Manchester, a meeting that created once of the most prestigious car companies in the world: Rolls Royce.

Of course that simple premise, while attractive to some, will need a little bit of intrigue thrown in as well, and the movie will also deal with the secret love affair between Lord Montague of Beaulieu and his secretary, Eleanor Thornton who later would model for the famous Rolls-Royce hood ornament: The Spirit of Ecstasy, which still adorns every Rolls Royce car to date.

The Silver Ghost was the first luxury car produced by the Rolls Royce Company, however the name was given by the press at the time, thanks to the vehicles astounding quietness. And it was also declared the “Best car in the world” by UK publication Autocar, in 1907.

There is no director yet attached to the project, but we’ll report back when we find out more details about this.

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