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The Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The Skeleton Coast

There are many types of tourists out there, some are looking for rest and relaxation from their holidays, it’s safe to assume that this is the case for most individuals, but for the not so small minority of adventure seeking tourists there are a few places on the face of the planet that they should see because of their stunning beauty and ruggedness; one such pace is the skeleton coast of Namibia.

The entire continent of Africa offers astounding landscapes to be seen, wildlife to be observed and ancient traditions to behold but even here, there are few places that combine a stunning landscape and a sense of solitude like The Skeleton Coast.

Namibia is still one of the least explored parts of the continent and its coast is a great place for a vacation. The whole coast line is well-known for its scenic beauty however most tourists are fascinated by the Skeleton Coast National Park which encompasses about a third of the total coastline and is a veritable paradise for landscape photographers.

The Park is home to several species of local wildlife but it’s not the wildlife that people come for, it’s the magnificent landscape of seemingly endless sand dunes, majestic mountain ranges and large canyons.

Due to the coastline, the weather is completely different than in the rest of the country. Namibia’s weather on the whole is very hot and dry, but on the coast you’ll be facing fog as well as a cool breeze which blows throughout the entire region.

The Skeleton Coast has garnered its title due to the many skeletons of wrecked ships that can be seen along its length. The Portuguese who were the first Europeans to reach this place called it “The Gates of Hell”, but long before them the Bushmen called it “The Land God Made in Anger”, and it is that type of atmosphere that still exists and is still a constant pull for visitors.

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