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The world’s smallest supercharged V-8 engine

We tend to talk a bit about supercars on this blog, and we’ve also talked about V-8 supercharged engines and how they are taking over from V-12s and such.

Usually when we look at the current generation of great V-8 engines, they tend to be somewhere in the range of 300-plus cubic-inches and hundreds of horsepower. When it comes to scale-model building, it means that all of that power has to be scaled down to size so that it fits into a one-quarter scale model, and that’s where manufacturers put their engineering hats on.

Anyone who has ever dabbled into the engineering behind assembling an engine will know how difficult it is to keep track of everything, putting the valves in correctly, seating the rings and all the other complex steps that have to be done just right in order for the thing to work. Well, imagine now that you’d have to do all that but in a quarter of its original size.

Thankfully there are companies out there who specialize in exactly that type of thing, and Conley Precision Engines is one such company, and they’ve just released the world’s smallest supercharged, four-stroke V-8 engine for sale.

The Conley Stinger 609 displaces only 0.1 litres, 100 cc, or 6.09 cubic-inches, just to make sure that any type of motorhead will appreciate that stat regardless of which type of measurement you follow. This makes this engine extraordinarily small, 14 inches long, six inches wide, 8.25 inches tall and weighs just 11.25 pounds.

When it comes to the power that it can generate, this tiny beast is capable of cranking out 5.5 horsepower at 9,500 rps in the naturally aspirated state and gets up to 9 horsepower when you activate the optional supercharger.

The base price for the engine is of $5,695, and you can add a variety of other extras such as stainless steel manifolds, painted valve covers, a supercharger and many others for extra, basically meaning that you can get up to about $8,353 if you want it supercharged and with all the extras.

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