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Top Holiday Spots From Around The World

The Basque Country – Spain

Basque County



The Basque Country is an autonomous region situated in the north of Spain. The region is known for being a great gastronomic destination as well as offering great beaches. With locations such as Bilbao, Getaria, Guernica, San Sebastian, Zumaia and Zarauz it is not hard to see why this region is amongst the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Photo by: KEta


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Chiloe – Chile

Lagoon in Chiloe Island


Visiting Chiloe Island should definitely be done during the summer holiday season. The place is well known for its myths and legends and even though the place was Christianized its inhabitants have kept many of their old traditions on the form of superstitions. The island’s mix of ancient architecture, wonderful traditions and modernization make it a clear choice for this list.

Photo by: Chiton magnificus


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Languedoc – France

Montpellier, Languedoc


While France doesn’t suffer from a lack of tourist attractions you won’t find many places like the region of Languedoc. Even though it offers visitors fine restaurants and lovely hotels it has mostly avoided the allure of mass modernization. From many points of view it is still a place where you can get some solace from the tourist traps in the rest of the country.

Photo by: Dysmachus


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Svalbard – Norway

Svalbard Degeerdalen


This destination is meant for the traveler interested in chilly places. This is a group of islands located somewhere between the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea and Norwegian Sea, suffice to say it’s a pretty cold and damp place. It is indeed an interesting place because all the settlements are located on one island and the others are nature reserves which can be visited only with special permits, if you want to go somewhere cold, interesting and adventurous then this might be the place for you.

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Yunnan – China

Yunnan China


This southern Chinese province is home to the legendary Tiger Leaping trek as well as wonderful jungle tours and a scenery with incredibly rich vegetable and animal life. Throw in some scattered temples, temple ruins and the odd small town and you have yourself a unique Asian experience.

Photo by: Asteiner


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