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Toyota’s future plans in the US


Automotive market numbers are showing a slow recovery being underway overall from the massive recession that started back in 2008 – at least in the US. Automakers there have reported sales of about 14.5 million vehicles, which means a 13 percent increase from 2011 and the highest annual total since 2007.

Toyota is one of the top brands present on the US market and if this upwards trend in sales continues there, then there will be more and newer models entering it, including some redesigns, over the course of the following two to three years.

Toyota is said to replace the Yaris with a new Mazda2-based model on the small and compact car market, which will be released sometime in mid-2015 and may only be offers as a sedan.

Then there’s a new generation of Corolla that has already been introduces and which will go on sale this fall.

It appears that Toyota has abandoned their plans for a convertible and a turbocharged model because these models were deemed too expensive for their limited volumes. This was said in regards to the Scion FR-S however, the Japanese car-maker did present a near-production ready, convertible version of the GT 86/FR-S so it’s unclear if it has been axed. The Supra on the other hand – the coupe co-developed with the BMW Group is still coming.

Moving to the medium and large segments, the Camry is expected to get a facelift in 2014, while the Avalon will continue since it’s completely new.

Moving onto the expanded lineup of dedicated hybrids, the new Prius liftback is said to arrive in early 2015 featuring a more sophisticated powertrain while the Prius C hatchback and Prius V minivan will remain unchanged.

Other models that will continue unchanged will be the revamped Highlander 7-seater crossover, the FJ Cruiser SUV, the Venza crossover – which may be a one-and-done type of affair, the Land Cruiser and the Tundra pickup truck.

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