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Travel Destinations for this August – Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park - Canada

Banff National Park – Canada (Photo by: aycalifclub)

Situated in the spectacular setting of the Canadian Rockies you will find the Banff National Park, Canada’s first ever national park, a protected area of over six thousand square kilometers which is not only amongst the largest in Canada but also the world.

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The Park started its life around the local hot springs but it eventually grew to the size it is today in order to preserve the varied and untouched wilderness in the area.

While you are welcomed to the part at any time of year, most individuals will want to visit sometime from mid-May to mid-October as this is the ideal time for the more popular activities such as camping and hiking. Even during this interval you can find certain passes to still be covered with snow in June in which case you’ll have to look for other methods of reaching your destination through lower elevations, but on the other hand that’s what you will be going there for in any case. Regardless of this the summers in the area are extraordinarily pleasant and dry with the daylight hours stretching till 11 PM.

On the other hand let’s not forget this is Canada and more so the Canadian Rockies so when winter comes about the entire park gets a new infusion of life from the amazing array of winter sports activities that it offers. Everything and anything that implies humans having fun with snow can be found here, from heli-skiing and dog sledding to snowmobiling or ice walks on the frozen waterfalls in the canyon, there is no limit to what you can do here in the winter.

But the place offers so many more other activities, for instance golfing, it’s a completely special experience to be teeing-off with mountain ranges as your backdrop and the local wildlife as your gallery, something utterly unique.

All of the above, although might seem like a lot of things to see and do only scratch the surface when it comes to the myriad of choices you will have once you get there so whether you prefer the summer weather in the mountains or you’re into winter sports consider the Banff National Park before your next trip.

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