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Travel Destinations for this August – Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia Ballon RideTurkey’s Cappadocia region is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country. The region known as Cappadocia or Kapadokya in the native Turkish, is situated in Central Anatolia and is known the world around for its moon-like landscape and its mysterious underground cities, churches and houses carved into rocks.

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The wonderfully weird and unusual rock formations called fairy chimneys were created over the span of millions of years of rains and winds and due to the interesting characteristics of the region the human culture that has inhabited Cappadocia ever since prehistoric times has been likewise interesting and unique.

Besides the visiting of the underground cities – some of which are eight levels deep – one can get around to doing quite a few things while in the Cappadocia region, for instance hiking is a very popular activity in the area.

Cappadocia Landscape

Thanks to its many valleys hiking is one amazing and free option to exploring the region if you are so inclined to, make sure that you get a map either from your hotel or from a tourist office with the primary walks and trails. One such popular valley is Pigeon Valley or Guvercinlik Valley, it features a four kilometer trail which connects Goreme to Uchisar.

Another very popular activity when visiting the area is going on a hot air balloon tour in Goreme. These will usually lift off at sunrise and float to wherever the wind takes them for about an hour or so. These balloons are piloted much like a boat would be, riding the various air currents and they offer a fantastic view when the float down the valleys and below the ridge line. This is indeed an extremely popular activity in the region as there are fifteen balloon companies operating so you’ll have where to choose from.

Considering the underlying theme of the region it should come as no surprise that accommodations would be available in cave hotels. It makes total sense that if you are going to visit this region you should experience it to its fullness and this extend to trying the local cuisine as well as the local wines which are world famous as well.

Photos by: Ker&Downey

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