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Travel Destinations for this August: Petra, Amman

Petra, Amman

Petra, Amman

Anybody who is even slightly interested in interesting travel locations from across the globe has heard of the fabled city of Petra.

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The town of Petra, Amman is an ancient town located in the south of Jordan, it’s been around ever since the 6th century BC and was a very important center for trade and commerce till it was hit by a massive earthquake which destroyed crucial water management systems sometime around 663. Relatively soon after that the town was abandoned and was completely forgotten by those in the West.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the town became known to Western scholars and explorers and this truly unique sight located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea started to get some of the attention it required.

What sets Petra apart from other interesting ancient cities is the fact that it is either made out of or carved into stone. But if that wasn’t interesting or special enough the unusual colors of the sandstone that the city is carved from make the entire place look out of place in the real world and more like something out of a fairy tale, especially in bright sunlight.

The town boasts over eight hundred magnificent structures, ranging from tombs, temples and baths to houses, halls and gateways. Its particularities have garnered it many names, such as the Lost City of Stone, a Treasure of the Ancient World or a Rose Red City half as old as time.

While visiting Petra you should be aware that it is in fact an archaeological park which means that the entrance fees will be rather high when compared to other attractions in the country but it is highly unlikely that you will regret your purchase or your time and time permitting you should dedicate at least two days to seeing Petra.

Petra - Hazine (Treasury)

The only means of transportation around Petra are either your own two feet or the four of camels, donkeys or horses. Of course there are some horse-drawn buggies around as well if riding the actual animals isn’t your cup of tea. You should be aware that the prices for these types of services are very negotiable and the final price will depend entirely on your bargaining abilities. It should also be noted that many times camel or donkey owners will drop their price the very moment they hear you trying to speak some Arabic.

There is an extraordinary number of things to see in Petra, thankfully you can hire guides at the Visitors Center. The more you want to see of the city the more you will have to pay, it’s a very clear and simple system.

Photos by: Travel OGate

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