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Travel to Scotland – A short description

Scotland is always an interesting place to visit, it’s a place of mythical creatures, highlands, interesting food, men who wear skirts and whiskey. Or better yet that’s what people think about when they think about the place, modern-day Scotland on the other hand, while still featuring all of the above, offers so much more to those who choose to travel there.

While the Highlands are usually associated with the country, Scotland’s geography is rather varied, it is in fact divided into three distinct areas: the Southern Uplands, the Central Lowlands and the northern Highlands and Islands.

The Southern Uplands are characterized by fertile plains and hills which border England, the scenery in the region is absolutely magnificent and of a rather gentler nature than those found in the Highlands.

The Central Lowlands feature the industrial belt of the country and as such the country’s two largest cities can be found here: Glasgow and Edinburgh. It should be noted that the majority of the country’s population lives in this area.

The northern Highlands and Islands offer their visitors those dramatic mountain ranges made up of sandstone and granite, this is the region where you’ll find Britain’s tallest mountain peak, Ben Nevis. There is a very good reason why this region is associated with Scotland on the whole, this region occupies more than half of the country’s total area, but very few major population centers.

Islands aren’t usually associated with Scotland but the country has 790 of them and about 130 of them are actually inhabited.

Surely very few of those who travel to Scotland for the first time will be aware of what most of the country offers as far as attractions and activities go, most visitors won’t be aware of the great fishing and other country sport opportunities that the country offers, or the potential of getting involved with activities such as riding, rock climbing, paragliding, skydiving and let’s not forget golf – this is after all the country that invented the sport, so golf enthusiasts will jump at the opportunity to play a round in the place that spawned it all.

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