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Volkswagen Up! to get new automatic generation


The next Volkswagen Up! generation will be hitting the roads in 2017 with a change of design. A slightly longer car with a new platform designed to fit either a torque converter or dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The technical head of transmission development, Michael Schafer, explained that the current design of the Up! was meant to only accept a single-clutch automatic, but that will change with the future generation.

The true problem for not having an automatic transmission was due to the problem that the vehicle has a very small compartment at the front. But the next generation of the Up! will feature a larger compartment, thus offering the possibility of getting an automatic transmission or a dual-clutch transmission inside the car. The benefit is that the dual-clutch transmission would be made in-house as well, while the automatic transmission can be bought from Getrag, Aisin or Jatco.

The Reason for why the Up! was designed to only house a single-clutch gearbox was because of small volumes of sub-compact hatchbacks with automatic transmissions worldwide.

He also hinted that this might be the reason to choose a torque converter automatic over a home-made DSG dual-clutch, because it’s cheaper to buy transmissions off the shelf than developing an in-house DSG.

The ‘larger compartment’ that Schafer spoke of will allow the engineers to use the plumbing for turbochargers meant for a new breed of TSI engines. Today there’s only the MPI capable of 44kW and 55kW, and that’s neither very sporty nor very smooth.

They’re still looking at TSI engines because of the CO2 emissions and driving performance, but they also need the larger compartment, so that’s the most important modification that has to be made for the next generation.

Another important goal of the next generation of the Volkswagen Up! will also be an increase in both passenger safety as well pedestrian safety.

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