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Volkswagen will be working on improving quality


Volkswagen has been having a hard time lately in regards to the quality of both their vehicles as well as their customer service, but they have said recently that they’re working hard on improving both of them.

Recent years have seen the German brand’s reputation for its automotive quality start to go down according to a variety of independent surveys, and it has been a major focus of online forums filled with owner complaints.

For instance, in March, the company recalled vehicles in China equipped with DSG – dual-clutch auto – gearboxes after Chinese owners reported some major issues like loss of power and abnormal vibrations.

According to Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg – a member of the Volkswagen board of management responsible for development – alongside with the Golf Mark 7 launch, they also assigned an internal working group in order to tackle this problem.

Quality is indeed important to any brand, especially a major one, and it should be more-so to Volkswagen who has had a pretty good reputation in regards to this till the past couple of years.

Hackenberg continued to mention that the taskforce they made in Wolfsburg is meant to improve quality in general but he also mentioned that when it comes to quality one doesn’t have only to rely on a particular component to work correctly, but one also has to manage the overall problem.

In his example, if a customer comes with a problem and is immediately fixed that’s fine, but if the same customer returns again and again with the same problem, then it’s pretty clear that the issue is a much bigger one and has to be resolved.

One interesting thing he pointed out in regards to this process is that they need to take into account the differences from country to country, because customers will be dealing with different climates, different types of traffic – often-times problems in one particular market do not exist in others.



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