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Volkswagen working on replacing turbocharged VR6


There are reports that Volkswagen is working on developing a unique VR6 powerplant that is already used in previous performance models.

Various sources from inside the engineering arm of Volkswagen have reported some plans for a new engine based on the original distinctive layout of the VR6 six-cylinder.

This will differ from conventional 60- or 90-degree V6 engines, with the VR6 employing a narrow 15-degree angle for its cylinder banks meant to ensure more compact dimensions.

When equipped with the 3.2- and 3.6-litre capacities, the naturally aspirated VR6 was used to power the 117kW/320Nm Mk4 and the 184kW/320Nm Mk5 Volkswagen Golf R32 and the 220kW/350Nm Passat R36.

This report says that the supervision of the new engine development head of Volkswagen – who used to be Mercedes-Benz’s AMG engine developer – Fritz Eichler, their new engine will feature a 3.0-litre capacity alongside the 15-degree cylinder bank angle, as well as being turbocharged.

A twin-turbo setup has also been proposed, quite similar to the engine used in the wild Volkswagen Golf GTI Design Vision concept which was unveiled at this year’s Worthersee tuning meet in Austria.

The concept features a transversely mounted engine capable of 370kW and 560Nm – which is up 208kW and 210Nm on the Mk7 Golf GTI’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder – but the production version is expected to have a much tamer powerplant with outputs somewhere in the region of 250kW to 330kW.

Even though it comes from some solid, yet anonymous, sources it is not a sure thing that they will go forward with the VR6 replacement. If and when it does reach production, it will most likely power a range of Volkswagen models, potentially including the next-gen Passat and Passat CC, a production version of the CrossBlue concept as well as a successor to the Scirocco.

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