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Volvo announces new low emissions


The Volvo five-cylinder D3 and D4 diesel engines weren’t known to be the most efficient two-liter units on the market however, they did punch well above their capacity in terms of torque and, obviously, they made a very nice thrum which accompanied each prod of the throttle.

It appears now that the Swedes are coupling these engines with a new Drive-E powertrain in order to use under the bonnet of the S60/V60, but it is not based on the old D4, because this new 181hp option loses one cylinder and alongside with it, a lot of its charm.

And speaking of torque, Volvo did not mention if the figure has changed or not, but the old 163 hp version had 400 Nm, a number close to what some mainstream V6 diesel make. The Drive-E unit’s claimed fuel consumption sits somewhere around 3.8 L/100km, then there are also the very low CO2 emissions, which are a claimed 99 g/km in case you’re choosing a six-speed stick.

According to Derek Crabb Vice President Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Car Group, these Drive-E diesels feature the world-first i-ART technology with pressure feedback from each fuel injector instead of using a single pressure sensor in the common rail. The combination of injection pressure and i-ART technology gives the customer an engine with high performance alongside improved fuel economy and considerably lower emissions. He continued to say that this is a breakthrough comparable to Volvo’s invention of the lambda sensor for the catalythic converter in 1976.

Volvo has another two-liter unit in the works, which even though is called the T6 it won’t have six cylinders. This unit will be fueled by gasoline, and produce 306 hp getting the S60 to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds – keep in mind though that the unit will be both turbocharged and supercharged.

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