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Volvo C30 Electric cuts charge time


The Volvo C30 Electric will benefit from a new 22kW fast-charger that will allow the vehicle to reach full charge in about an hour and a half.

The model will use the world’s first on-board charger that operates on a three-phase power supply while also being small enough to be installed in an electric car.

When using an ordinary single 230-volt household outlet, the car would need somewhere between eight to ten hours to reach a full charge, depending on the available current.

The C30 Electric benefits from the new Siemens Motor capable of a peak power output of 89kW and 240Nm of torque, which allows the compact coupe to accelerate from zero to seventy km/h in 5.9 seconds.

According to Volvo, the range of the C30 Electric is of 164km according to European standards.

Lennart Stegland, Volvo Car Group’s vice president of electric propulsion systems, considers that this new technology will also reduce the cost of owning an electric car, as well as the flexibility of electric cars in general.

With the adding of this innovative fast-charging solution will considerably improve both the time and mileage for the daily usage of the car.

The cost of ownership will be drastically improved because with the fast-charging capabilities a customer will be able to drive many more low-cost kilometers per day than they would otherwise. According to Stegland, even a 10-minute plug-in will add power sufficient for another twenty kilometers of driving.

Siemens is the main supplier of electric propulsion powertrain components for the company’s forthcoming Scalable Product Architecture – SPA – which will allow for electrification solutions at all levels – from different hybrid systems to pure electric drive, while not compromising the interior or load space.

The upgraded demo fleet of 100 fully electric Volvo C30 models will be available to European customers starting with the month of June.

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