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Wearing less means crashing more

Everybody knows that during the summer season, people normally tend to wear less, and this is true for the usually rainy United Kingdom, where the statistics that we’ll be talking about come from.

It appears that being distracted causes somewhere around one million car crashes each year, in the United Kingdom, and a decent percentage of this almost million is due to drivers ogling pedestrians.

The UK media is reporting figures from a Direct Line Insurance study which show that there are an average 2525 crashes each day, which add up to an approximate yearly number of 921,840 incidents.

As part of their study it was found that the number of lamppost crashes or fender benders would increase during the summer, and there’s a simple correlation to make with the fact that during the summer months both men and women wear less clothing.

This correlation is strengthened by a study conducted on 2142 drivers in which sixty percent of men admitted to being distracted by looking at attractive women while only twelve percent of women confessed to checking out good looking men.

But as you can surmise, those are not all of the reasons behind the car crashes with twenty-one percent of drivers saying that they were distracted because of the various advertising billboards, the ones with models on them.

One doesn’t think about that even a second’s glance at a model on a billboard or an attractive pedestrian can be a contributing factor to road accidents, but think of that second as one extra second that would’ve allowed you to notice a potential danger and brake earlier.

The thing is that the numbers in this report are consistent with numbers from previous years, so it would be a rather obvious a conclusion to make that drivers have not yet mastered the capacity of keeping their eyes on the road.

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