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Worst backseat drivers


It seems that everybody is making various studies about everything nowadays so it should come as no real surprise that someone paid for a study to find out who are the worst passengers, according to drivers.

Five hundred drivers took place in a survey commissioned by a website and interestingly enough – not that interestingly enough – the results do not really surprise.

It appears that husbands and wives are the worst backseat drivers, forty percent of men drivers saying that their wives are the most annoying passengers, while 34 percent of women drivers say the same about their husbands.

But that was quite predictable, let’s look at the rest of the rankings because mothers and friends also ranked pretty high in the top.

According to men drivers, friends – with 17 percent – and mothers – with 15 percent – followed wives as the most annoying.

Women drivers on the other hand have that order reversed, with mothers – 17 percent – and then friend – 15 percent – being the most annoying following their husbands.

Adult daughters on the other hand, were described by 7 percent of both men and women as being annoying, while the category ‘my child, son’ took only 5 percent.

What exactly makes them so annoying? Well the survey says mostly that commenting on driving speeds is the most annoying backseat driver behavior, with the second one being giving directions.

Commenting on driving speed took a whopping 47 percent of the survey pool, giving direction 29 percent, followed by talking too much with 19 percent, pushing an imaginary brake – what? – with 15 percent, then there’s fiddling with the radio or CD player – 10 percent, talking on the phone or texting – 7 percent, singing – 6 percent, and finally eating with 3 percent.

The respondents also listed some other bothersome passenger behavior that were not listed on the survey list, such as making face and gestures, telling the driver to go faster or screaming about something the driver is already aware of, getting car sick and quite a few others.

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