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Get your girlfriend a car for Christmas!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Featured | 0 comments

Dear friends and car lovers of all around the world, we decided to go for a title like “Get your girlfriend a car for...

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A few interesting facts about celebrating Christmas in China

Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Featured, Travel | 0 comments

For those of us who live in predominantly Christian countries, Christmas celebrations are something that we're used to from the earliest of ages. Christmas trees, presents, Santa, these are all things that we are very familiar with since they're a part of our culture, but it's interesting to see how Christmas is celebrated in other part of the world, and today we'll take a quick look at Christmas in China...

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The Vienna Christmas Market 2011

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Featured, Travel | 0 comments

Having talked about the Sibiu Christmas Market in Romania, for today's article let's maintain the subject but shift countries to Austria and the Vienna Christmas Market...

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The Sibiu Christmas Market

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Featured, Travel | 0 comments

On the 26th of November 2011, the fifth consecutive Sibiu Christmas Market opened its doors to bring the festive atmosphere of the end of year celebrations to the Romanian city of Sibiu...

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