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Hawaii may be the name of the state, and that of an island, but the actual state is made up of more than just one island. The state of Hawaii is made up of eight major islands, Maui being the second largest of the bunch.

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Punta Cana – European flair with Dominican style

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We've recently talked about considering the Dominican Republic as a future holiday destination, and today we're going to focus on the country a bit more by taking a look at possibly one of the country's most famous and popular vacation destinations, Punta Cana.

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The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic can be found on the relatively small island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the country of Haiti. It benefits from what can only be described as a constant summer and its white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters only help to drive that impression home for its visitors.

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The Bahamas

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The Bahamas have been one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for a solid couple of decades now, their association with an island paradise, clear waters, clear skies and drinks with umbrellas in them, have made these islands a favorite amongst generations of visitors.

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