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How to protect your car this coming winter – Part 2


We were about to delve into the most important secrets of how to protect your car this coming winter last time, so we will look into some more of the ways to keep your car safe and sound, functioning and looking good even in the freezing months of winter.

  1. Protect your wheels and tyres by applying a wax that protects from breaking and erosion. This is just as important as the wax or ceramic coating to be applied to the car’s paint. It is also imperative that you have your tyres and wheels checked before winter starts for real. This way, if they are too old or no in a perfect state, you can have the time to change or alter them so that they don’t fail you when you most need to be able to use your car.
  2. Change your tyres with winter ones. This is particularly essential for those living in mountainous regions or spaces where winters are very harsh. Chains may also be useful for very extreme situations.
  3. The next one is a simple, but essential one: wash your car! No, really: when it’s cold and rainy or snowy, you need to wash your car as often as possible to protect it from the elements. It is indicated to wash your car when the temperatures are below freezing to avoid the doors getting stuck.
  4. Be careful with brushing! Picture this: you wake up one morning and you panic: where is the car?! Finally, you catch glimpse of the wheels looming from a cover of snow. Then your face falls again because you know you need to dig the car out of the layer of snow. You eventually get to the car per se and you start brushing the car’s body and the windshield. Chances are you are going to scratch the paint or the windows. To avoid this, use a soft snow brush.



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