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We have been at WTM, and we liked it!

There has been quite a while since the event, but we finally managed to gather all the information in one place and we are proud to inform you that we have been at WTM, and we liked it! By we, we refer of course to the General Manager of Auto Car Hire International, Mr. Bogdan Catuneanu. Here are his conclusions regarding the event:

I: Can you please tell us in what day of the event you got there?
R: I got to London, to the World Travel Market, in the second day of the event, on the 3rd of November.

I: Which was your first impression and which of the participants got your attention?
R: My first impression about the event, as expected, was that it is one of the greatest travel fairs. The event was split in two pavilions: the European one and the Asian one.
There were present to the event the world’s biggest companies from the travel industry and there were presented the latest trends in the field.

I: Did you meet there both present partners and new partners?
R: I indeed had meetings with present partners, with whom I have discussed the new strategies for 2016 but also met new European partners, with whom we are about to sign a long-time collaboration.

I: Can you tell us how many new contracts managed to close in the time you spent to the event?
R: As ongoing contracts, we can say that we have more or less 10 contracts in discussion, which we hope will be finalized in the near future.

I: In your opinion, how can such events help the travel industry?
R: In my opinion, this event is like a global networking in which the one activating in this industry which are interested in new business can meet to establish new commercial relations.
The event has a major impact on the travel industry by bringing together all the representatives of the sectors of the industry.

wtm-london3I: Can you tell us the representatives of which countries did you visit?
R: I have visited some of the representatives of Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom but also some worldwide car hire projects with whom we are in business or we follow up for future business.

I: Which are the sectors of the travel industry you noticed at the event?
R: At WTM there were present all the travel industry sectors and I can say that I have tried to visit moast of them. Th ones that really caught my eyes where the stands of the Asian pavilion by their colors, and traditional dances and products they offered but also by their presentations of the business.

I: Can you please tell us your conclusions after taking part of this event?
R: I can say that WTM is like a scene where certain companies from the travel industry present their business and have the opportunity to interact with those present to the event. Among the presentation that caught my attention I can mention those about the new trends in business, booking websites, booking systems and also business to business platforms that connect the producers with the suppliers and distributor.
As a closure, I would like to emphasize that I find to be of major importance for those activation in the travel industry to take part in such events, as they serve to open new perspectives over the services in the domain. I think it is very important for our business to know all that is new on the market we activate in.


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