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Where to travel this July (I)

Copenhagen – Jazz Festival

While Copenhagen may not seem the perfect spot for one of the world’s best jazz festivals, jazz lovers from around the world congregate here for no less than ten days at the beginning of the month to enjoy the smooth and silky tunes of famous jazz artists.

This ten day Jazz Festival offers daily concerts in all types of venues, whether its clubs, concert halls or even park and shopping malls, the entire city of Copenhagen gets imbued in the sultry sounds of world-class superstar jazz performers and musicians as well as the best local performers. You can see and more importantly hear great names such as Sonny Rollins, named Musician Of The Year by the Jazz Journalists Association, Bobby McFerrin, Keuth Jarrett with Gary peacock and Jack DeJohnette.

Pamplona – Running of the Bulls Festival

This famous festival or event is normally held between the 6th and 14th of July in the city of Pamplona in Spain.

This ceremony which will have bulls let go to run wild through the city’s narrow streets dates back to the 16th century when it was first started to set in motion the fiesta of the city’s patron: Saint Sao Fermin.

The Cult of the Bull is connected to the Cult of Bacchus – the god of wine and most things related to it – so the Running of the Bulls takes on an eclectic and dangerous mix of revelry, dancing and all manner of other excess.

Novi Sad – Exit Music Festival

The Exit Music Festival is held in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia every summer in July, this years it will take place between the 7th and the 10th of July.

The Festival takes place in the rather magnificent 18th century Petrovaradin Fortress and it is quite huge, while its main aim is to provide the youth of Serbia with entertainment and social awareness the Festival has several stages going at the same time and a multitude of artists of varying styles and genres performing on them.

It is considered to be the largest music event in South Eastern Europe and the fact that it attracts big names names such as Jamiroquai, Portishead, The Pulp, Bad Religion or Arcade Fire alongside tens of other international and national bands and artists only strengthens that reputation.

Rajasthan – Teej Festival

The Teej Festival in the Indian state of Rajasthan si both a religious festival as well as a climatic one. The festival is traditionally celebrated by women who visit their parents’ home decked in new clothes which are usually given as gifts by the woman’s parents. This is a very female centric religious event as they fast and offer prayers to the goddess Parvarti for showing exemplary devotion to her husband Shiva.

On the other hand it is also a festival meant to welcome the coming of the monsoon season which is of great importance to the region thus increasing the impact of the initial religious celebration. This also transforms the festival into something more with Teej fairs appearing in many villages and towns where people can eat, drink, buy and sell and generally be merry.

Poryong – The Mud Festival

This Festival in Poryong, South Korea is the dream come true of any child who was admonished for getting dirty. It tends to happen sometime around the middle of July every year and it offers the ultimate opportunity of getting yourself and your friends and family completely covered in mud, but not for health reasons mind you, just for the sheer fun of frolicking in the much and slime.

The mud is supposed to be a great delivery medium for a variety of minerals which are said to be good for your skin by reducing wrinkles and removing excess skin oils, so if you’re interested in a very unique holiday experience this summer consider this destination.

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