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Where to travel this July (II)

Bolivia – all of it

Bolivia is a wonderful destination for the more adventurous traveler. This landlocked country is the highest of the Latin American countries but also the one that has maintained the closest to its traditional cultural roots and values.

The country offers everything that the modern adventurer would want to see and explore, the legacy of ancient civilizations as well as the treasures o the colonial days, all of which mixed together with picturesque landscapes and the vibrant indigenous culture.

On your trip to the country you can visit remote Jesuit Mission towns founded in the 17th and 18th centuries, you can ski at the world’s highest ski resort or you can visit the Noel Kempff Mercado National park, an extremely remote and beautiful Amazonian park.

Australia – The Snowy Mountains

This mountain range, also known as the Snowies, is the highest region on the Australian continent featuring the 2228 meter Mount Kosciuszko, and as such it is one of the more cooler areas of the country as well.

This is considered to be the best cattle country on the continent producing some of the best lamb, wool and beef in Australia. The Snowies are definitely a place for lovers of the outdoors because walking and horse riding are the best ways of exploring the alpine landscape so that you can discover the plethora of natural attractions such as spectacular mountain peaks and clear mountain streams. Add to all of these the potential for cycling and mountain biking, fishing, white water rafting and all manner of snow related activities and the Snowies of Australia make a wonderful adventure holiday destination.

Canada – Edmonton, Jasper National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Canada’s largest Rocky Mountain Park and spans over ten thousand square kilometers and a wide variety of attractions from broad valleys and rugged mountains, to glaciers, thick forests, alpine meadows and rather wild rivers.

The park also boasts a very wide variety of exotic flora and fauna, everything from moose, elk, beavers, caribou and many more can be seen living their lives in their natural habitat.

This is a great destination for people who enjoy a good hiking challenge or who are just all around more active and adventurous in their outdoor activities but there are also options for those in a less-active state of mind. For instance there is an extremely smooth road built through the Icefield Parkway and the harshness of the landscape is something to be admired while you drive alongside it.

Norway – Bergen Fjords

A fjord is a natural coastal formation usually created by the action of glaciers. These are very deep and narrow coastal inlets with extremely steep sides and they are a wonder to visit.

This can be done either via a cruise or by actually hiking and trekking throughout this truly unique type of landscape.

One great place to start is Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the country, located about seventy kilometers north of Berhen. This monster stretches no less than 204 kilometers or 125 miles inland and it offers the quintessential fjordscapes as well as quite a few picturesque villages. Then you can move onto Geirangerfjord, which even though is shorter than the previously mentioned one it is considered to be the country’s most beautiful fjord.

India – Tamilnadu, Ooty

Ooty is a particularly lovely hill station hidden away in the blue mist of the Nilgiri Hills of the Tamilnadu region.

Ooty is situated in the hollow of four rather large hills whose slopes are populated by a plethora of wild flowers. This is an area where just outside the town you’ll be able to visit plantations of tea, cardamom and eucalyptus. The heady fragrances of the spices combined with the subtle bouquet of tea then waft across the hills and envelop the town giving the place a special type of atmosphere.

This atmosphere is further compounded by the presence of old style British colonial cottages with fireplaces and gardens and the fact that this is a small town which bustles with the activities of the locals, all in all it’s a great place for a truly unique holiday experience.

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