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Andorra Car Hire

    Andorra counts itself amongst the smallest countries on the European continent and with a population that doesn’t exceed a hundred thousand individuals it’s easy to understand why that is so. However the place is an absolute tourism magnet thanks to it’s summer and winter resorts and as such getting around the place is best done with the help of our Andorra car hire services.

    The place is so small that it doesn’t even have a major airport, so you are more likely to be traveling into the country from a neighboring country, which you can do with our services. You can drive into the country and drop off the car in Andorra, or pick it up in Andorra and then drop it off in any of the neighboring countries whether it’s France or Spain. As mentioned before the place is rather small so you should have no problems with doing this at our Andorra car rental office.

    Whether you choose to visit Andorra during the summer or winter, and regardless whether you rent a small economy car like a Peugeot 207 or something bigger like an Audi A4, you will benefit from unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance. Also included in our base prices are collision damage and car theft waivers and liability insurance and obviously all other relevant taxes and fees.

    If you plan to visit the country’s mountain resorts, especially during the winter you will surely want to consider our extra options of snow chains and installing a ski rack. Similarly in order to not get lost you might want to further consider getting the GPS extra option as well.

    Andorra sees around ten million visitors each year, so make sure that you book a car in advance to make sure that one of our partners will have something ready and available for when you plan your trip, keep in mind that the earlier you book the better you will be able to plan your activities and expenses for your trip.

    If you wish to pick up or drop off a car in Andorra you will have to do it in Escaldes, that is where you will find one of our partner Andorra car hire offices.


Andorra Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire