When you plan to visit the country of Andorra make sure to consider our Andorra La Vella car hire services as a great way to see the place on your own schedule. Truth be told you can get around the town by walking mostly but you can still benefit from a car if you want to explore the surroundings or the rest of the country for that matter.

The city is basically separated into two parts, the northern part is considered the new town which is where you’ll find most of the shopping opportunities in the city while the other half is considered the older half containing the historic old city.

Despite the city’s small size it does pack quite a few attractions that one should not miss, like the church of Sant Esteve, a church built in the 12th century. Behind the church you’ll discover an area with narrow streets and old buildings which was the original settled area. Another equally old church is that of San Andreu, this is a nice example of the Romanesque style of building.

The city has a nicely preserved medieval bridge called the Bridge of la Margineda and not a long distance from it you can see the metallic sculpture of Valencian sculptor Andreu Alfaro.

The town square is a very nice and quiet place where you can take in the city’s atmosphere as well as get a wonderful panoramic view of the Andorra Valley.

One of the more modern buildings in the city is the Parliament building which is built into a hill in a way that allows you to go up the hill and actually walk onto the roof of the building where there a sort of mini park built.

While you can indeed walk all around the capital of Andorra, you could still benefit from our Andorra La Vella car rental services as they will allow you to not only visit the capital but also the area around it as well as other places in this small European country.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire