Oranjestad Car Hire

Oranjestad Car Hire

On your next trip to Aruba’s capital make sure to consider our Oranjestad car hire services as a way of making your holiday that much better. As opposed to most places to where you would most probably get to via plane, you might reach Oranjestad via one of the many cruise ships that dock almost constantly at the island. If you do reach the island by plane you will land at Reina Beatrix Airport and you can have our Orenjestad car rental services have a car ready for you at the airport if you wish to start driving as soon as you touch down in the country.

Getting around the city can be done rather easily via rented car thanks in part to the fact that the traffic signs are mostly in English as well so you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble getting around, however a good map or even better a GPS in your car will do you very well.

There aren’t a lot of things to visit or see while in Orenjestad, except maybe for the Fort Zoutman Historical Museum and the site where the Natural Bridge used to be until it fell back in 2005, the site is still interesting to visit though.

On the other hand the weather is what will be the main reason for visiting this city and the island as a whole, the temperature is an almost constant 28 degrees Celsius or 82 Fahrenheit and rain showers are relegated to small drizzles in the morning or evening.

The city of Oranjestad is a great place for all sorts of water related activities such as fishing, snorkeling, para-sailing and pretty much anything else that you can think of.

The city is well known as a great place to go jewelery shopping, because you will find lower prices than in the United States for instance and you can find really great pieces. With a little bit of luck you can get some great deals on diamonds as well as other precious metals.

Seeing Aruba’s capital can prove to be a very unique and interesting proposition, and it can be done the best with the help of our Oranjestad car hire services.

Oranjestad Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire