Canberra Pilliago Car Hire

Canberra Pilliago Car Hire

If you plan to visit Australia’s capital the you will surely want to consider our Canberra car hire services for your trip to the land down under. The city was purposely built to be Australia’s capital this means that it is a planned city with many national monuments, museums and galleries all of which built around large artificial lakes.

The city is served by Canberra Airport which is connected to the city via a shuttle bus and taxis of course but the best choice by far is to employ our Canberra car rental services and have the car ready for you as soon as you land.

As opposed to most other cities in the world, especially Europe, which do not offer a lot of parking opportunities to their visitors, Canberra has sufficient parking opportunities around most of its attractions usually at no extra cost.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Australian War Memorial but it is more than just that it is also one of the country’s best museums covering the country’s military history from when it was a Federation to the present day featuring great exhibits of memorabilia, equipment and battle dioramas.

The National Furs & Sound Archive offers a really unique collection of Australian film and sound recordings with some of them representing iconic moment from the country’s cultural history.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens have the largest collection of native Australian flora in the country. This offers a unique experience as entry is free and you can very easily come in tow with some food and drink and enjoy a wonderful picnic, not to mention that during the summer there are jazz evenings organized there as well.

For those dinosaur enthusiasts there’s the National Dinosaur Museum which features the largest collection of dinosaur and prehistoric fossils in the country.

The Black Mountain tower is a functional communications tower and from its 195 meter height it offers unique 360 degree panoramas of the city and its surrounding countryside although the observation platform is situated only sixty meters up the tower.

These are only a few of the many sights and attractions that Australia’s capital has to offer, you can see these and more with the help of our Canberra car hire services.

Canberra Pilliago Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire