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Austria Car Hire

Austria is a tourist destination regardless of the season, it’s great for a summer vacation and absolutely brilliant for a skiing trip, and the best thing to complement any of those things is to be able to drive wherever you want to go within the country, and that is where our Austria car hire offices come into play.

While considering renting cars from any of our Austria car rental offices you will be assaulted by the plethora of makes and models available ranging from economy, compact or full-sized cars to minivans, various sized SUVs and many more.

Austria is situated pretty much in the middle of Europe without access to any large body of water, this means that you’ll most likely be flying into the country. The great news is that you will be able to pick up any of the cars that you hire from our offices from the major airports whether it’s Linz, Vienna or Salzburg. On the other hand the country is even more accessible when coming from one of its surrounding countries. In some circumstances you can pick up your car in one of these and then drop it off at one of our Austria car rental offices.

Our entire fleet of Austria car hire automobiles benefits from the same basic features included in the base rate regardless of their size or how long you rent it for. These basic features include all relevant road taxes being paid and collision damage and vehicle theft waivers, however some of the most important basic features which are included in the base rate are the unlimited mileage and the break down assistance. These latter two will guarantee that you don’t have to worry about how much your drive or that you are on your own if something goes awry with your car – and these are some very poignant worries on the minds of those who drive in foreign countries.

In conclusion, whether you’re there for a business trip or a holiday, the services of our Austria car rental offices will not go amiss.

Austria Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire