Azerbaijan Car HireAzerbaijan Car Hire

Azerbaijan Car Hire

Azerbaijan is steadily increasing in its attraction to tourists thanks to its government focusing on making tourism one of the country’s main revenue sources. However regardless if you visit the country for tourism purposes or you are there to scout out its economic potential, our Azerbaijan car hire services will help you in your endeavor.

While our available fleet for Azerbaijan isn’t extremely varied, we do offer all the options that you may want, whether its small cars meant to deal with urban transportation mostly like the Ford Focus or Hyundai Accent, or it something bigger like the Chevrolet Blazer meant to deal with longer roads.

Considering a sturdy car should be at the top of your list if you plan to drive through the country a lot because only half of the country’s almost sixty thousand kilometres of road is paved, and even the areas that are paved aren’t exactly up to par with international standards, although they are being worked on.

Thankfully, regardless of the type of car that you hire from us you will benefit from the same set of features, such as unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance, both of which you might need in a place like Azerbaijan. But that is not all, as we also offer car theft and collision damage waivers as well as liability insurance as part of our basic rates, so that you can be covered from pretty much any minor mishap that can occur.

We also have a series of extra options that you can ask for while making the reservation, things like installing GPS in your car which would be a good idea since you will be traveling in a foreign country and you won’t want to get lost, or installing an extra luggage rack or child seats.

Our Azerbaijan car rental services are available in the capital city of Baku as well as Baku Airport, our representative can wait for you at the airport with the keys to your car and once all the paperwork is done with you can start driving your car towards your destination.

Azerbaijan Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire