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Bahamas Car Hire

The Bahamas have become more or less homonymous with holiday travel and warm spots for fun in the sun. So much so that most of the country’s GDP is brought in by the tourism industry. Regardless of whether you are visiting the country for your holiday or you are there for business purposes employing the services of our Bahamas car hire offices will prove to be of great use while there.

Considering the fact that the sizes of the islands aren’t very large, while in the Bahamas you will be better served by renting a small car such as a Chevrolet Cobalt or Chevrolet Aveo, of course some other bigger cars might be available from our Bahamas car rental offices if you need them but in order to navigate these islands in the best manner possible you should get a smaller car.

What attracts most people to these islands are the beaches and the more or less eternally warm weather; if you plan on visiting during the summer season when the temperatures reach their height then you will be glad to know that all the cars available in our Bahamas car hire fleet have up and running air conditioning systems, so you will not suffer from the heat while driving.

Under our car rental contract you will benefit from a series of great features meant to put one at ease when driving in a different country. People worry about something happening to the car or themselves getting involved in an accident and having to deal with all the consequences and paperwork in a foreign country; we offer collision damage and car theft waivers as well as liability insurance as part of our basic rates, so those are things that you don’t have to worry about because you will be at least partly covered.

Since you will most likely be flying into the country, our Bahamas car rental representative can have the car ready for you at Nassau Airport, he or she will be there as well to complete the paperwork and then offer you any other type of support that you may require. Keep in mind that if you are planning to visit the country during the high tourist season you should book a car a few weeks in advance in order to make sure that the car you want will be available for you for the length of time that you need it.

Bahamas Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire