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Barbados Car Hire

Barbados is the most developed Caribbean island due to it being a very popular tourist destination. The South and West coasts of the island are extremely popular thanks to their calm waters and white sandy beaches. The only way to experience as much of what the island has to offer, and it offers a lot, is with the help of our Barbados car hire services.

Whether you’re interested in just lazing about on one of the island’s many beautiful beaches or you are more into some of the activities which can be followed on the island, such as wind surfing or water skiing or any other of the many water related sports that can be practiced on the island, our Barbados car rental services can come very handy as they will allow you a large amount of flexibility.

Our fleet of cars in Barbados is also very varied so as to offer you even more flexibility on your trip. You can get cars that range in size from small ones like the Ford Focus to 7-seater minivans.

Having your own car while on the island will mean that you can benefit from several of its advantages during a day, rather than being limited to just one or two if you were on foot. You can spend your morning involved in some crazy water sports in one part of the island, then the afternoon lounging on a beach in a different part of the island and then in the evening you can play some golf or take in the night life of the island.

We offer a lot of great features part of our basic Barbados car rental rates. The features include things like unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance. These two features for instance will allow you to drive for as long of a distance as you want or need and even if something does happen to the car while you drive it, professional help is on the way.

Our Barbados car hire services are available at several points across the island, places like St. James and St. Philip but you can pick up your car just as easily from Grantley Adams Airport.

Barbados Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire