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Belarus Car Hire

    Whether you visit Belarus as part of an European trip or you are there for business reasons, you should consider our Belarus car hire services as they might come in handy.

    Belarus isn’t exactly a large country, nor is it very small either, so having your own car to allow you to get around the place will greatly increase your appreciation of the place as well as allow you to keep to a business meeting schedule if that is the case.

    Our Belarus car rental fleet can satisfy any requirements that one might have, whether it’s for a small economy vehicle such as the Peugeot 207 and Ford Fiesta or for bigger cars like a Toyota Avensis or a Mercedes Vito, you can surely find something to your liking.

    If you have any misgivings about driving in a foreign country, you should be aware of the fact that our base Belarus car hire rates include a variety of useful features meant to put your mind at ease about driving in a foreign place. For instance we offer breakdown assistance, which is great in itself but that is not all, the breakdown assistance works great if you couple it with unlimited mileage, which we have.

    Both of those features are included in our basic rates but that is not all, in order to further put you at ease about driving in a foreign land we offer collision damage and car theft waivers. If you wish to be completely covered from any and all excess charged that might appear due to an accident for instance, you can always opt for our Belarus car hire extra option which will allow you to avoid said charges.
    Our Belarus car rental services will have the car ready for you once you land in Minsk Airport, all you will have to do is sign some paperwork and then you will be ready to go. In case you are indeed planning a European trip or you are in the midst of one, you can drop off the car in any of the neighboring countries at one of our offices in those countries.


Belarus Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire