If you plan to visit the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina make sure to consider our Sarajevo car hire services in order to make your trip more enjoyable. Sarajevo is a very interesting European city from the historical point of view especially as this is where the Roman Empire split into the Western and Eastern parts. It is a place where the Roman Catholic West and Eastern Orthodox met with the Ottoman South and gave birth to much turbulence as well as multi-cultural tolerance.

If you fly into the city you will be landing at Sarajevo Airport which is located about six kilometers from the city and connected to it via bus routes and taxis but this is definitely a case where our Sarajevo car rental services would come greatly to your advantage because you can have a car ready at the airport as soon as you touch down.

Once you get into Sarajevo there are many attractions that you can visit and the city has physically recovered from the Yugoslav Wars of 1992-1995. The Old Town for instance features cobbled streets and mosques with Oriental style shops which you can’t see in many other European cities.

Sarajevo was the location where the event that started World War I took place. The Latin Bridge is where on the 28th of June 1914 the Archduke of the Austrian Hungarian Empire Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Nowadays that event is commemorated by a plaque.

Being nestled in a valley, Sarajevo is surrounded by hills and all of these offer great views of the city however one should be careful to not venture away from the paved roads as land mines might still be present in certain areas.

Even though Sarajevo’s museums aren’t very well maintained due to inter-governmental disputes over their financing they are still worth a visit. The Bosnian Historical Museum has a very moving display on the siege of Sarajevo from the Yugoslav Wars while the Sarajevo City Museum traces the city’s development from prehistory to modern times.

These are of course only a few of the many sights that Sarajevo has to offer its visitors, but in order to see as much of the city as possible you will want to employ our Sarajevo car hire services.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire