If you plan a trip to Botswana’s capital, make sure to consider our Gaborone car hire services. Gaborone is located near the border with South Africa, in the south of the country.

Getting in by plane will mean that you will be landing at Gaborone Airport and then your best choice when it comes to personal transportation will be if you employ our Gaborone car rental services and have a car ready for you at the airport.

Driving in Botswana is done on the left side of the road so if you are not used to this then you should be extra cautious while driving and when crossing the street.

If you want a great view of the city you should climb Kgale Hill, this is amongst the highest of Botswana’s hills at about a hundred meters high.

The city also offers two great game reserves, Mokolodi and Gaborone Game reserve. The Mokolodi features a rather unique cheetah visit where you might actually get the chance of petting a cheetah; the two-hour game drive will have you see many animals ranging from wart hogs and baboons, to zebras, hippos and many others.

The Gaborone Game Reserve is a smaller reserve featuring mostly birds, monkeys and ostriches but zebras and wild boars have been recently added, it even has picnic spots but you need to be aware of the monkeys and ostriches.

There’s an important health concern to consider while in Gaborone, in case you’re headed to the Okavango Delta and you forgot to pick up any anti-malaria pills you should be able to get them from the city. You will need a prescription for them but you can visit a doctor for a drop-in appointment and get a prescription for a small amount of money.

There are many other things that you can do and see while in Botswana’s capital so make sure to consider our Gaborone car hire services whether you stay in the capital or you need to travel to different cities.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire