SOFIA Car Hire

SOFIA Car Hire

Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and the country’s largest city. It is best visited with the help of our Sofia car hire services since that will allow you to explore as much of its combination European and Communist-style architecture as possible.

If you fly into the city then you will be landing at Sofia Airport which is the country’s busiest airport and situated about ten kilometers from the city’s center. The airport is connected to the city via bus routes, special shuttle services that are offered by hotels and of course taxis but by far the best choice for personal transportation while in Bulgaria’s capital is our Sofia care rental service which will have a car ready for you at the airport at a particular time that you specify.

Sofia was founded more than two and a half thousand years ago even though it wasn’t called that from the beginning. The inhabitants of the area constantly built over and over the older settlements so much so that many remnants of the older cities can still be seen today.

The reason behind the fact that this area has been inhabited for so long stems from the quality of the area’s mineral waters; the modern city has no less than seven independent mineral water springs. That being said the main attractions of the city are its historical buildings and old religious buildings.

One of the most if not the most important building in Sofia is the Boyana Church. This is considered to be an important monument not only for Bulgaria but also for the whole of Europe as it contains frescoes which specialists claim to be the best examples of Easter European medieval art.

The city also has the Hagia Sophia Church which is a 6th century church that was built over an older church. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times and it is the source for the city’s name.

There are many more things to visit on your trip to Sofia, and this is a great reason for considering our Sofia car hire services because having a car at your disposal will allow you to see as many historical monuments and sights as you can fit into your schedule.

SOFIA Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire