Colombia Car HireColombia Car Hire

Colombia Car Hire

    While not the largest country in South America, Colombia is better seen from behind the wheel of a car hired from one of our Colombia car hire offices.

    Colombia has many sights to offer, many of the main cities featuring “old” areas where one can see the beautiful colonial architecture but the country also has some splendid natural sights for its visitors such as beaches, mountains and the Amazon rain forest.

    Colombia features a very mountainous and generally rough terrain so if you plan to drive anywhere outside the major cities you will want to consider hiring a 4×4 vehicle from one of our Colombia car rental offices. On the other hand if you plan a mostly urban trip, whether it’s for business or whatever you might want a smaller car, it all depends on what you ultimately plan on doing in the country.

    The great thing about our Colombia car rental basic rates is the fact that they come with a couple of features which other car hiring companies charge extra for. For instance unlimited mileage is one of the basic features included in the basic rate, and this is much more important than you might think regardless of where you are visiting, as there are always interesting things worth visiting. On the other hand if you plan on driving around the country a lot then this feature is absolutely indispensable just as is the fact that breakdown assistance is also included in the basic rates.

    Basically with our Colombia car hiring services you can drive as much as you like and even if your car does break down then you are still safe as help will be on its way without any extra charges. Talking of extra charges, there is a way of avoiding all extra charges if you were to be involved in an accident not covered by our basic collision damage waiver. For a small extra fee you can avoid any extra charges related head aches.

    You can pick up your car from any main airport such as Medellin Jose Maria Cordova Airport, Bogota El Nuevo Dorado Airport or Pereira Airport.


Colombia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire