Copenhagen Car Hire

Copenhagen Car Hire

On your next trip to Denmark’s capital make sure to consider our Copenhagen car hire services as they will make your life so much easier. Copenhagen is a special kind of major capital being both a metropolis and a center for shopping, culture and nightlife as well as an intimate, safe and easy place to navigate.

If you fly into the city then you will be landing at Kastrup Airport which is connected to the city via a train line and the journey by train to the Copenhagen downtown station will take around a quarter of an hour. However by far the best option for your transportation needs would be to employ our Copenhagen car rental services and have your choice of car ready for you at the airport as soon as you land.

Once you reach the city you’ll have a wide range of attractions that you can see and there are some important pieces of information that you should know beforehand. For instance you should know that the entrance to most museums is free once per week, usually on Wednesdays. Another tip that you might find useful is to check if a museum’s website has an English section, this will usually mean that at least some of the exhibits will have information in English as well.

One great start to any Copenhagen visit is to climb the corridor which leads to the observation platform of Rundetarn – the Round Tower. This is one of the city’s most iconic buildings and it offers great views of the city being situated in center of it.

One interesting attraction that Copenhagen has is Christiania which is a self-governing community squatting on an old naval area since the seventies. The homes that make up the community are definitely something worth a visit as well as the relaxed atmosphere which is definitely worth experiencing.

Copenhagen offers a lot to the more science minded visitor as well, with attractions like the Experimentarium and the Copenhagen Zoo but the University of Copenhagen runs two science museums side by side, the Geological Museum and the Botanical Gardens, each of them offering something different for different interests.

These are of course only very few of the many attractions that Copenhagen has to offer and in order to see as many of them all as possible consider our Copenhagen car hire services.

Copenhagen Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire