Cairo Car Hire

Cairo Car Hire

On your next trip to Egypt’s capital make sure to consider our Cairo car hire services in order to make your trip better. Cairo is one of the largest cities in Africa as well as the Middle East and with a population of over sixteen million people it is amongst the most densely populated cities on the globe.

When you fly into the city you will be landing at Cairo Airport, the second largest airport on the African continent. The options available to get into downtown Cairo range from taxis to “limousine services” or bus routes but these options can oftentimes prove to be confusing for non-Arabic speakers so the best choice by far would be to employ our Cairo car rental services and have a car of your choice ready and waiting for you at the airport as soon as you land.

Cairo is truly a world renown city, famous for its history, museums and wonderfully preserved areas of older parts of the city. Of course the main attractions by far are the nearby Giza Pyramids and the Saqqara Pyramid Complex as well as the Egyptian Museum located in the center of town but Cairo as a whole has a lot of things to offer its visitors.

Besides the aforementioned word famous tourist attractions there are loads of things to see in Cairo such as the Citadel located in Islamic Cairo. This is a huge castle built by Salah Al-Din and parts of the original water pipes which used to bring water from the Nile to the castle still survive.

Then there’s the Al-Azhar Mosque which is home to the oldest university in the world as well as a pillar of Islamic thought and there’s also the Ibn Tulun mosque the oldest in Cairo and arguably the most beautiful because it is built in a different style than the rest of the mosques in the country.

These are located in Islamic Cairo, this refers to the core of medieval Cairo. Despite its name the area isn’t more or less Islamic than the rest of the city but it is home to the greatest and most well known Islamic monuments in the city.

There’s also Old Cairo or Coptic Cairo. Similarly to Islamic Cairo this is a region of the city where the Coptic Christian community has its base. The Coptic Orthodox Church was founded in 42 AD by the Apostle Saint Mark so it’s probably the oldest Christian denomination and despite centuries of persecution from both Muslim rulers and Crusaders it has managed to survive, creating its own island within the city.

These are of course only a couple examples of the many things that you can see while in Cairo and with the help of our Cairo car hire services you can see many more.

Cairo Car Hire

August 27th, 2014 by Auto Car Hire