Parnu Car Hire

Parnu Car Hire

On your next trip to the resort city of Parnu make sure to consider our Parnu car hire services as your means of personal transportation. This seaside resort city is considered to be Estonia’s summer capital with its beaches populated with tourists from all across the country, literary dozens of festivals and just a general good, partying atmosphere.

The city is easily reachable by train, bus and boat but probably the simplest one to undertake is the car option. You can employ the services of our Tallinn car rental services for instance and drive the car to Parnu where you will be able to drop it off at our Parnu car rental office, if that is indeed your wish. On the other hand if you reach the city via any other means you should definitely consider renting a car while in Parnu in order to enjoy the city more.

Besides the obvious attraction of the beach and all the beach and sea related activities, Parnu also offers a series of other attractions including an ‘old town’ district and a particular type of wooden villa architecture.

A couple of the more interesting architecture sights that the city has to offer are the Parnu Town Hall, the Church of Jekaterina and the Almshouse – Seegi Maja.

The Town Hall resides in a house built in1797 which has been very well maintained with a new Art Nouveau wing featuring Neo-Baroque details having been built in 1911 to the north side of the town hall.

The Church of Jekaterina was completed in 1768 and is the best example of pure Baroque in the entire country, so much so that it has been an influence on orthodox church architecture all throughout the Baltic region.

The Almshouse is considered to be the oldest house in Parnu, being built in 1658 on the ruins of an old almshouse of the Holy Spirit’s Church which apparently dates back to sometime between 1250 and 1350.

These are just a couple of the things that you can see while in Parnu so make sure to employ our Parnu car hire services so that you get to see these and many more while on your trip.

Parnu Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire