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Finland Car Hire

Make sure that you consider our Finland car hire services on your next trip to this Nordic country. Finland borders with Russia, Norway and Sweden and while it is a very modern and well-planned welfare state with comfortable small towns and cities it still has a lot of unspoiled nature to offer the rugged visitor or adventurer.

Finland has been a very late comer to industrialization being a mostly agrarian country till the 1950s, however this has allowed it to develop it’s industries in a unique way and as such managed to create an interesting balance between Eastern and Western economics.

Whether you visit the country for business or pleasure your trip will be that much better if you choose to employ our Finland car hire services. Our base rates include great features such as unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance, and while nobody wants to need the second one you will surely feel better about having it. As far as the unlimited mileage goes the country has a very extensive, modern and well maintained road system, also as awareness about the country increases so do the tourism opportunities that it offers.

The country is definitely great for those who are nature enthusiasts as it offers many thickly forested national parks, not to mention rolling hills and a virtual labyrinth of lakes.

Our available Finland car hire fleet ranges in size from small cars like the Toyota Auris or Ford Focus to larger ones like the Audi A4 or maybe even a minivan if you’re traveling with a larger party. This means that we cover pretty much all the bases when it comes to the possible demands of our clients, so whether you plan on spending your trip in the city or you have a plan for a more adventurous trip you can surely find a car that suits your needs.

Another great thing about our Finland car rental services is that you can pick up the car at any of the country’s major airports, such as Vantaa Airport, Ivalo Airport or Oulu Airport. You can start driving through Finland as soon as you land.

Finland Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire