Pori Car Hire

Pori Car Hire

On your next trip to this Finnish city make sure to consider our Pori car hire services as your main means of personal transportation. The city was founded in 1558 and has been and still is an industrial city, its history being reflected in the neo-Renaissance buildings which inhabit the city center as well as the several red-bricked industrial buildings located alongside the Kokemaenjoki river.

The city is served by Pori Airport which sees frequent flights from Helsinki and if you plan to employ our Pori car rental services, our representatives can have the car ready for you at the airport so that you can start driving towards your destination almost as soon as you land.

Once you’re inside the city you’ll find it to be relatively small in size and you could arguably get around either by foot or by bike but there are a few attractions located farther away so a car won’t go amiss, especially if you want to visit some other cities on your trip to Finland.

Despite its size the place has a few attractions that you’ll want to see such as the City Hall and the Pori Cathedral. Both of them are built alongside the Pori riverfront and while the first is a great example of neo-Renaissance building the second one is built in the Gothic style.

A couple of other areas that you’ll want to visit, especially during the summer is the Reposaari, the nearby fishing village which is situated just outside the city and is made up of very picturesque wooden buildings. The Viikkari is somewhat similar in make up but this is a district inside the city consisting solely of old wooden buildings. There are no sights in particular to see or look for instead just walking around and taking in the somewhat ‘bohemian’ character of the place is what you should strive for.

These are of course only a couple of the things that you’ll see while on your trip and in order to see more make sure to employ our Pori car hire services.

Pori Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire