Marseille Car Hire

Marseille Car Hire

Marseille is a particular type of French city, due to its location and history and it is best seen with the help of our Marseille car hire services. The city boasts the second largest population in the country after Paris and that population is a very special mix of cultures that you won’t find in many other parts of the country.

Your adventure in Marseille will most like start when you touch down at Marseille Airport which is located 30 kilometers from the actual city, however there are buses, trains and taxis connecting it to the city. On the other hand you can always employ our Marseille car hire services and have your choice of car ready for you in the airport parking.

As far as driving in Marseille goes, there are many things to consider. First of all the city is very old and as such, especially at its center the streets tend to be narrow, one-way and generally chaotic, so while in the city you may want to actually avoid using your car and go on foot or use the public transport system when possible.

On the other hand you can reach Marseille by car very easily from surrounding cities like Nice, Toulouse or Lyon, one might even be capable to drive from Paris in about eight hours.

Being one of the oldest port cities in Europe, you can bet that there are quite a few historical buildings that you can visit as well as archaeological museums. Also visiting the Old harbor will provide you with a special and very particular experience in seeing the fisherman selling their stock auction style.

On the other hand if you’re interested in experiencing Marseille’s vibe and people more closely you can go to Cours Julien and la Plaine which is basically a hangout area with bookstores, fountains and cafes and every Thursday and Saturday morning the Plaine market is the place to be for great deals.

Also if you ever get sick of the sea you can visit Borely Park or the Place Castellane, also a very interesting place to visit – a roundabout featuring a rather large fountain in the middle as well as cinemas and cafes.

Marseille Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire