Paris Car Hire

Paris Car Hire

Paris is definitely one of those world renown cities which you can enjoy so much more with the aid of our Paris car hire services. It has the reputation for being the most romantic city on the globe and whether it’s due to it being portrayed as such in popular culture for decades or due to the fact that the city is also dubbed to be the City of Light as well as the Capital of Fashion, Paris is an European hub of culture, art, food and history.

There are so many things one can see and do in Paris, but in order to get to them you will probably have to navigate the notoriously confusing CDG Airport, of course there are other airports in Paris such as Le Bourget Airport and Orly Airport but chances are that you will be touching down in CDG.

Thankfully our Paris car hire services can have your car ready for you regardless where you touch down, however it should be noted that driving through Paris, can prove to be a bit of a pain as most of the city was built well before the invention of motorized vehicles, so traffic is very dense. Also considering the historic nature of large parts of the city, parking might prove to be difficult, especially around tourist spots, so you will be better served by parking in a suburban train station which has a parking lot and then continue your trip through Paris via train, metro or on foot.

The option of Paris car rental can however work to your advantage if you plan to visit the sights around Paris or if indeed you plan to make the capital your start off point for a road trip around the country.

Paris has a lot of tourist attractions, ranging from classic points of interest such as the Eiffle Tower, the Louvre or the The Arc de Triomphe, to a large number of museums, galleries, and this doesn’t include historic buildings such as Notre Dame Cathedral or the Sacre Coeur church.

If you plan on visiting a lot of museums or galleries, you should consider purchasing a Paris Museum Pass or a ParisPass, both of which are pre-paid entry cards which will allow you to effectively jump queues at over 130 attractions total.

Paris Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire