Toulouse Car Hire

Toulouse Car Hire

Make sure to consider our Toulouse car hire services when you next visit the place. The city of Toulouse ranks amongst the top five French cities in terms of size, it is a place filled with a very rich and diverse culture as well as history, both old and new.

The city is known as “The Pink City” due to its specific pseudo-Roman brick architecture style. This is caused by the fact that the area has been inhabited ever since Roman times, and the inhabitants wanted to keep their history alive.

Toulouse Airport, or Blagnac Airport as it is also known as, is situated at around twenty minutes from the city with buses and taxis connecting it to the city. Of course you can avoid using either of those options by employing our Toulouse car hire services and asking for the car to be ready for you at the airport. This part of our service is something that all of our customers find very useful as it allows one to get straight from the airport to their destination as fast as possible.

Once you reach Toulouse you need to know that while the city is indeed large and rather modern, its historical center is the exact opposite. The best way of exploring the inner city is by foot because most of the famous destinations are within walking range.

Something else that you should know if you plan to hire a car in Toulouse is that there are very few parking spots but the public transport system is very well developed, so if you are planning on spending a couple of days there you might want to consider parking the car somewhere safe and use the metro to get around.

There are many interesting attractions around the city, including many old buildings such as the Basilique Saint Sernin which is an 11th century church or the Hotel d’Assezat.

One other important sight to visit while in Toulouse is the Canal du Midi, this is a World Heritage Site, a 240 km canal that connects the Garonne River to the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are more inclined towards the more modern attractions you can visit the Airbus facilities where you can take a loot at the A380 production line, but if you plan on doing this you should make sure to book early and make sure you know where the building is situated as it can prove to be rather difficult to find.

Toulouse Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire