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French Guiana Car Hire

French Guiana, as the name implies is an overseas region of France situated on the South American continent neighboring with Brazil, Suriname and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place with very high biodiversity reason for why eco-tourism is on the increase and the best way to see as much of it as possible is with the help of our French Guiana car hire services.

Most of the population is concentrated around the coast as it would be expected and especially in the capital of Cayenne. Most of the surface area is taken up by extremely dense rainforest so there are only a little over 1,800 kilometers of roads, most of which are not paved.

Our French Guiana car rental fleet is focused on offering vehicle option meant more for the urban setting, cars such as the Ford Focus or Opel Corsa, taking on the rough terrain would be a problem even with a four by four unless you were in some sort of expedition with many cars at your disposal in case one breaks down.

As far as breaking down in the more urbanized location goes, we offer breakdown assistance as well as car theft and collision damage waivers for all of our cars, regardless of how long you rent them for. These are features included in our basic prices, alongside unlimited mileage and liability insurance.

We also offer a couple of extra features that might come in handy on your trip, things like installing GPS in your car so that you don’t get lost and can find the fastest road to your destination, or an extra luggage rack or child seats.

Our French Guiana car hire services can be found in the main cities of Cayanne and Korou as well as Cayenne Airport, meaning that you can pick up the car from the airport and then if you wish to you can drop it off at any of our other French Guiana offices, whatever works best for you.

French Guiana Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire