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Gabon Car Hire

Gabon is an African country situated on the continent’s Western coast, it is neither large nor small but its population doesn’t exceed 1,5 million. It is a country very rich in natural resources, including oil, and the best way to visit it will be with the help of our Gabon car hire services.

Considering the dimension and number of inhabitants of the country, our Gabon car rental fleet is somewhat limited, however it does cover all the bases so that you can surely get what you need for your trip.

You have a choice between small cars like the Ford Focus or Opel Corsa and bigger ones like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Toyota Avensis. Both these types of cars are better suited to certain environments, the first type being better suited for urban use while the other would be ideal if you plan on making a lot of trips throughout the rugged countryside.

Talking of the rugged countryside, you will be happy to know that our basic Gabon car hire rates come with a series of very useful features meant to make driving through it easier. Breakdown assistance is one of these features as well as car theft and collision damage waivers. We’re basically covering you from all the minor mishaps that might happen while you drive.

There are a series of extra options available for you on demand, such as installing GPS in your car, an option which you should consider carefully if you will be driving through a foreign country. Other extra options include the possibility of installing an extra luggage rack or child seats, or indeed there is an extra option that you can choose which will absolve you from any extra charges that might occur.

Gabon’s main cities are Libreville which is also the country’s capital and Port Gentil, you will find our Gabon car rental offices in each of those cities, but it is worth to mention the fact that you can pick up your car from one of the two airports as well, Port Gentil Airport or Libreville Airport.

Gabon Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire